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Somloi by Ina

Somloi by Ina

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First we prepare the countertops the day before, we used a tray measuring 36/24 cm.

Vanilla top: Mix the eggs with the sugar and the salt powder well until they double in volume, add the boiled water, then the sifted flour and the baking powder, homogenize and pour the composition in a tray lined with baking paper. Put the tray in the preheated oven, it is ready when it passes the toothpick test. Remove the top from the tray and leave it to cool.

Cocoa top: Mix eggs with sugar and salt powder until they double in volume, add boiled water, then sifted flour, cocoa and baking powder, bake in the same tray as the vanilla top.

Walnut top: Mix the eggs with sugar and salt powder well until they double in volume, add boiled water, then sifted flour, ground walnuts and baking powder, bake in the same tray in which I baked the previous tops.

Syrup ; Boil water and sugar, then remove from the heat and add the brandy, leave to cool.

Cream: Boil 600 ml of milk with 200 g of sugar. While the milk is boiling with the sugar, in a double-bottomed saucepan, mix the yolks with the remaining milk and the sifted flour, mix well so that it doesn't come out with lumps. Beat the egg whites well with a pinch of salt, add 100 g of sugar and mix until you get a strong meringue. Put the yolk mixture on the fire and start pouring the hot milk, stirring constantly so that it does not become lumpy. Stir until it starts to thicken, remove from the heat and add the meringue, mixing well. Let it cool while we prepare the whipped cream

Whipped cream: Mix well the sweet cream with milk and powdered sugar until you get a firm meringue.

Assembly: Place the vanilla top, syrup, add the cream, spread and then sprinkle the ground walnut, put the cocoa top, syrup, spread the cream and then the ground walnut, add the last top, the walnut, syrup spread the rest of the cream, not here orpim a lot that we put whipped cream. We put ground walnuts and raisins then we spread whipped cream and we pour chocolate sauce. Portion with a knife passed through hot water.

Ina confectionery, a story with the smell of cakes, pies and cake

In 1999, at Ina Confectionery I baked the first top and made the first cake. The business started as a family and continued to expand guided by a passion for desserts and delicious snacks. biscuit and mini-cakes classic or new, cakes personalized, birthday, wedding and christening cakes, cakes for corporate events, fresh pastries, homemade specialties, attract the eyes and enjoy the tastes of those who cross our threshold. The showcases are enriched every month with a new product while some recipes are adapted according to customer preferences, and others depending on the season.

We fondly remember the first day we opened the confectionery door. I started the business with a combination of classic cakes: almonds, savarines, eclairs, to which I added fresh cakes with vanilla cream and fruit. Over time, the product range has diversified and we have customized it according to customer choices. Currently, our confectionery has over 100 varieties of cakes and pastries that are constantly adapting, taking into account the time of year and the favorite taste of those who cross its threshold.

Dandelion tea prevents water retention and helps to lose weight

If you feel bloated or have swollen legs, dandelion tea may be the solution. It has a diuretic effect and helps eliminate toxins from the body.

One study found that this type of tea can have effects similar to those of a recommended weight loss drug. It seems to act on a pancreatic enzyme, which has the role of dissolving fats in food.

At the same time, dandelion root tea is also beneficial for liver health. In traditional medicine, it is believed that this type of tea increases bile production and prevents the accumulation of fats and toxins in liver cells.

In addition, it has been found that polysaccharides in dandelion could relieve the symptoms of liver disease.

Somloi cake, with 2 worktops and 2 types of pudding. Only for real housewives!

This recipe is specifically Hungarian, it is quite easy to prepare and it is extremely creamy and good. I recommend trying it when you have guests and you want to impress them. Just follow the steps in the recipe to get a delicious cake that will end in no time…

Ingredients needed for the yellow top:

For the brown worktop you need:

  • 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons flour, ½ sachet baking powder

Ingredients for vanilla pudding:

Chocolate pudding ingredient:

For whipped cream:

Toping ingredient:

Method of preparation:

If you want, vanilla and chocolate puddings can be replaced with some delicious creams - vanilla and chocolate, homemade - you can find the recipes on the site. But, the cake comes out very good with the pudding from the trade…

Preparation of countertops - for each countertop, separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites with the sugar and then add the flour (in the case of the black top, add the cocoa). Bake the tops separately until they are ready and then leave to cool. Meanwhile, prepare the puddings, as written on the instructions and leave to cool.

Assembling the cake - put the cocoa top - vanilla pudding - yellow top - chocolate pudding and whipped cream very well.

The whipped cream must be very cold - it is preferable to keep it in the freezer for 6-7 minutes before beating it…

After we put the whipped cream over the cake, garnish it with the cocoa topping - we melt the sugar with 2 tablespoons of water and cocoa. Stir until melted (in a steam bath).

More Chinese Food Recipes:

On July 25, 2013, Mr. Radu from Canada, Ms. Carmel, Mr. Michael, Ms. Fabienne, Mr. Andrew and Mr. Thomas from the UK, and Mr. Francisco, Ms. Josephine from the US joined our family visit in Xi'an which they were excited to know that a Chinese cooking class is offered there. They challenged themselves to cook Stewed Chicken with Mushroom - a very nourishing dish under the guidance of the skillful hostess. We were glad to know that they really enjoyed learning to make Chinese dishes in a local family.

Our Guests in a Local Chinese Family

On Sep. 20, 2011, Mr. Mark, Ms. Theresa & Mr. Carl from USA joined our family visit tour in Xi'an. Thanks to the kindness of the hostess and the good interpretation of our guide, they had a wonderful time in the family through learning to cook Pan Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie) and Stewed Chicken with Mushroom.

Our Guest Learning to Make Dumplings

Sari, I found two recipes. It is not ordinary seaweed. After checking on the internet, I found that it was undaria pinnatifida.

1. Materials and ingredients: three red peppers, 3g sesame oil, 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of white sugar and 5 cloves of garlic.

A. wash undaria pinnatifida carefully and then soak it in water for 20 minutes
B. chop garlic cloves and red pepper and the cut undaria pinnatifida into very lean stripes. .
C. mix soy sauce, white sugar, rice vinegar and sesame oil very well in a bowl.
D. quick-boil undaria pinnatifida in boiling water for a second.
F. wash quick-boiled undaria pinnatifida under the tap water again and then drain the water out.
F. put undaria pinnatifida stripes in a bowl and then pour mixed sauce over them.
G. put the bowl in the fridge for 10 minutes and then you can enjoy it.

It tastes sweet, sour and a bit spicy due to the red pepper.

2. Materials: dry undaria pinnatifida, sesame seeds, sesame oil, rice vinegar, seasoned soy sauce for seafood and sugar.

The process is almost the same. Soak undaria pinnatifida in water for a while, cut it into very lean stripes, quick-boil the strips in boiling water, drain the water out and then put the stripes in a bowl. Then add rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce and sugar to flavor and then put the bowl in the fridge for 2 hours. Finally, take the bowl out of the fridge and spread sesame seeds before you enjoy it.

This recipe requires that the cook master the skill of seasoning Chinese dishes very well. Seriously, there is no specific requirement on how much vinegar, sauce, sugar and sesame oil you should add. You just season the dish according to your taste.

General rules of the Rina 90 diet

The daily number of calories allowed may seem high, but the diet is designed to create a perfect balance, so that anyone on the Rina diet will lose weight healthily without starving.


Throughout the 90 days of the diet, breakfast will remain unchanged and will consist of fruits, fresh or dried, fresh vegetables, oilseeds or seeds, which can be combined. You can also have tea or coffee every day for breakfast, as long as they are not sweetened.

Somloi Galuska cake with three countertops

It's probably the best cake on the blog, along with Snickers and Macarons (click here for the recipe). The vanilla scent of the cream is combined with chocolate and whipped cream, ingredients that make the countertops with walnut, vanilla and cocoa even softer. A complex recipe, but not very complicated to execute. Worth any effort, she is the queen of cream cakes.
EDIT: I received the information in 2018 that this cake is of Hungarian origin and that it is cut with a spoon in the shape of lumps, and then it is decorated.
See also "Milchmädchen" milk cake sheets

27x18cm minimum & # 8211 tray dimensions
2 or
2 tablespoons sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
2 tablespoons flour
2 or
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon cocoa tip
2 or
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon with small ground walnut tip
150g water for thicker sheets, or 200g for thinner ones
150g sugar
70 ml rum or 2 tablespoons rum essence, or compote juice
500 g of milk
1/2 vanilla pod
4 tablespoons sugar (or 200g / sweeter)
100 g cornstarch
3 eggs
80g ground walnuts
80g raisins
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
chocolate, 1 teaspoon butter and 2-3 tablespoons milk
or cheaper but still good, OPTION 2:
1 tablespoon cocoa + 1 lg powdered sugar + 2-4 lg whole milk
CREAM from topping cream

PREPARATION Somloi Galuska cake with two creams
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line the tray with baking paper.
Bake each separately. Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites to make them hard, then beat with the sugar. Mix the yolks by hand.
Mix the dry ingredients together on each type of countertop, and incorporate with egg movements from bottom to top in the egg mixture.
Bake for 20 minutes, and thinner (depending on the size of the tray), only 10 minutes. Remove the countertops on a grill to cool.
Boil 400 g of milk over medium or low heat together with the long-split pod and the seeds removed with the tip of a knife, which are given priority in the milk.
Add 2/3 of the sugar.
The rest of the cold milk is mixed with the yolks and gradually pour into a large bowl containing flour. Gradually and stirring constantly so as not to make lumps. At first more milk, then a little.
Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar.
When the milk has boiled, take out the vanilla bean, pull the pot off the heat and pour over the flour mixture. Stir, bring it back to the pot and simmer again on a protective plate so that it does not smoke. If you don't have vanilla pods, now add the vanilla sugar or vanilla essence. When it has thickened like a pudding that holds up well, turn off the heat.
Incorporate so hot in the egg white foam, but not on the fire.
Leave it until it cools completely.
melted chocolate on a steam bath with 1 teaspoon of butter and 2-3 tablespoons of milk. It will sit on the pot with hot water. If it hardens, you can let the water boil again. The chocolate bowl should be a thick one made of glass, it should not break, and it should not be submerged with its bottom in hot water but placed at a short distance.
Or boil a thick sauce of variant 2, on a low flame (mix the cocoa powder dry with sugar and then with milk)
Beat the whipped cream with a little powdered and hardening sugar, if it is not already sweet, and let it cool.
Syrup all the tops, you already put the vanilla one on the plate that has the edges protected with baking paper. I fold in 2 a sheet of paper and cut the middle to get a collar that goes under the cake about 1.5 cm. At the end, cut it with scissors and take it out easily.
Bottom up order:
yellow rock
1/2 walnut and raisins
1/3 cream
cocoa wheat
1/2 walnut and raisins
1/3 cream
wheat nut
1/3 cream
powdered with cocoa before serving
It must be left for 2-3 hours to soften. The next day it has a better consistency to be cut.
Liv (e) it!


Somloi Cake - Somloi Galuska

Countertop preparation:
Rub the yolks with 200 gr of sugar and gradually add the 200 gr of flour, then add the beaten egg whites and 1 sachet of baking powder. The resulting composition is divided into three equal parts. In the first part we put 50 gr ground walnuts, in the second part we put 1 tablespoon of cocoa. Bake separately in the same tray on baking paper.

Cream preparation:
Rub the 4 egg yolks with 100 gr of sugar and the 2 puddings. Heat the milk and add it over the egg and pudding composition, gradually stirring, then bring to a boil over low heat until the cream thickens. Divide the cream into three equal parts. In the first part we put 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, in the second part we put 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 50 gr of raisins and in the third part we put the rest of the raisins.

In a deeper tray, place the three types of top, which we previously syrup well with burnt sugar syrup and rum essence and grease them with different creams. Cover with foil and let the tray cool for a few hours. When it is served, with a spoon, break the "dumplings" that are placed on the plate, sprinkle with melted chocolate and put whipped cream on top.

This cake is not cut into well-defined shapes, its specificity being the shape of dumplings (round) broken with a spoon or a smaller polish.

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