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Thai coffee recipe

Thai coffee recipe

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Coffee is brewed with cardamon and sweetened with condensed milk to taste just like the coffee you get in Thai restaurants.

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IngredientsServes: 2

  • 2 tablespoons ground coffee
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • water
  • 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:5min ›Ready in:10min

  1. Place coffee and cardamom in the filter of your coffee machine. Place enough water to make 2 cups of coffee in the machine. Turn on the coffee machine.
  2. Pour brewed coffee into 2 coffee cups and stir 1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk into each cup. Serve.

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by Marty

I have to disagree with the last reviewer - this is almost EXACTLY like the Thai coffee that is served in our local restaurants, backed up by my sister-in-law who is Cambodian and made this for us (except we have ours on ice). The only tweak that is needed, I think, to make it more authentic is to probably double the amount of coffee - the coffee should be VERY strong to handle the addition of the milk (and ice, if it's served cold). Thanks, Talia!-13 Apr 2004

by Zfamily

I am of Thai decent. This was a good attempt. Unfortunately, most Thai places are "Americanized" but you can buy real Thai Coffee in Asian supermarkets or online. You will taste the difference right away.-06 Nov 2007

The Sweet and Refreshing Taste of Thai Iced Coffee

Thai iced coffee is a deliciously sweet and refreshing drink that you can find in most Thai restaurants and any upscale coffee shop. It's similarly prepared to Thai iced tea, boasting unique flavors. Its recipe varies, with some calling to 'lighten' the coffee with sweetened condensed milk or half-and-half cream, with others suggesting serving it alongside evaporated milk or syrup. But regardless of the method used, you'll get a unique and delicious brew at the end. But, you may wonder, what makes this drink so unique?

What makes iced Thai coffee so uniquely different from other coffee drinks you've had before is the infusion of cardamom into the brew, giving the resulting beverage a warm and spicy flavor. It perfectly balances the bitterness of strong coffee, the sweetness of the milk—and the hint of cardamom adds the perfect amount of spice to each sip. Although you can get one from an upscale coffee shop's menu or pick up a glass in the streets of Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, nothing beats making it at home.

To help you out, here's everything you need to know about the drink—from its origins, traditional ingredients, strength, calories to the best recipes to try.

Thai Iced Coffee

Thailand has two seasons, hot and really hot. Temperatures soar into the triple digits and the humidity is unforgiving. Cold drinks are very important, and though they may sound familiar, they’re frequently very different from those found in this country.

Of course there are many fruit juices, but they’re made from an abundance of tropical fruits that can’t be found anywhere else. Similarly, though iced teas and coffees are familiar almost everywhere in the world, in Thailand they are made differently.

Still, most of these drinks are easy to make at home. Most Asian markets stock a wide assortment of frozen and dried tropical fruits, as well as powdered mixes for teas and coffees. You can also find many of these beverages in cans, ready to use.

Thai iced tea is probably the best known of all of them. In many ways, it is a close cousin to Indian chai tea, which also has recently become popular in the West.

In Thailand, tea is very strong. It starts with a base of black tea leaves that have been fully fermented and roasted. Then various spices are added, such as cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, vanilla and cloves, though precise recipes vary, as no two Thai cooks do exactly the same thing.

Although Western teas are gently steeped very briefly, Thai tea is strong because it is boiled vigorously for almost half an hour. The tea is then strained--either through cheesecloth or a steeping bag--and sweetened with sugar. Then it is chilled to be served over ice, with half-and-half added.

Thai iced tea has become more and more colorful with its migration to America. In Thailand, it does not always have that orange color that is so familiar here. When made by the street vendors and small teahouses, it is a creamy light brown color. The mysterious orange hue found in this country is actually food coloring.

However, in recent years, orange Thai tea has also caught on in Thailand. Many teahouses now use the same colorful mix that is used here, though you still see the classic brown Thai tea occasionally. Thai tea is also commonly served with lemon instead of cream this version is called cha manow.

Another kind of iced tea frequently enjoyed by Thais is brewed from dried chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum tea is almost always sweetened with sugar, sometimes Chinese rock sugar. A little black tea might be added to strengthen it.

Chrysanthemum tea has an almost fruity quality that is refreshing when cold and comforting when hot. Its mild flavor makes it a great alternative to the stronger, more bitter teas.

Though coffee is a relatively new beverage to Asia, introduced by the Europeans, the Thai have adopted it enthusiastically and use it in many of the same ways they use tea.

Thai iced coffee is nothing like its American counterpart. Oliang, as it is called in Thailand, has a distinctive taste all its own. It is strong with a tangy sweet flavor that comes from roasted tamarind. Roasted corn is also added, giving it a smoky finish.

Like iced tea, Thai coffee is boiled for almost half an hour to fully steep. It is always sweetened with sugar and then served, hot or cold, with a choice of evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk or half-and-half.

There are also many cold drinks based on tropical fruits, such as longans. Native to China, longans now grow all over Southeast Asia and in parts of Florida. They are small round fruits about 1 to 2 inches in diameter, with a thin brown shell and flesh that is sweet and tangy with a flowery finish.

Longans are very difficult to get fresh on the West Coast and are primarily available canned or dried. The longan drink is best made from the dried fruit, which looks like large raisins. The fruit should be sticky from all the natural sugars.

Making the juice is simple. Reconstitute the dried fruit in boiling water and add sugar. The softened fruit can be added to the drink as a garnish or it can be eaten by itself. Longan juice can keep in the refrigerator for weeks at a time.

And who knows: The way Southern California weather goes, you just might need it for that long.

Chrissy Teigen’s Thai Iced Coffee Is the Perfect Morning (or Afternoon!) Pick-Me-Up

When the morning alarm goes off, or the 3:00 pm slump hits, we need an immediate pick-me-up, no matter what day of the week it is or what we’re doing. And when it’s hot, we like to reach for something cold &mdash which is why we’re loving Chrissy Teigen’s Thai Iced Coffee: an easy iced coffee concoction that needs just a few ingredients &mdash coffee, condensed milk, and flavoring &mdash to pull together. (Hey, even when we’re lacking energy, we can muster that!) The model, culinary entrepreneur, and cookbook author shared the iced coffee recipe, inspired by her annual family trips to Thailand, on her Cravings Instagram account, and it looks delicious.

“Switch up your caffeine routine this weekend with a sweet and creamy take on Thai iced coffee ☕️ inspired by @chrissyteigen&rsquos summer trips to Thailand,” the caption for the recipe post begins. “The condensed milk makes it creamy, while also balancing out the bold coffee flavors. Add a splash of vanilla for that extra sweetness, and just like that you&rsquove got the perfect morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up. Link to full recipe in bio.”

The Cravings recipe calls instant coffee or espresso powder mixed with hot water (but we’re guessing any strong cold brew will do), as well as sweetened condensed milk, regular milk (Teigen recommends whole milk) and some vanilla extract for extra flavor. The creation is easily customizable &mdash add more condensed milk if you’re used to half-and-half in your morning coffee, and more coffee if you prefer a stronger brew. Make the coffee before assembling the drink (if you’re using the instant powder), add the milk ingredients with some ice to a glass, mix in the coffee, and enjoy! See the full recipe here.

We’ve loved Giada De Laurentiis’ Dalgona coffee, and now we can’t wait to add Chrissy Teigen’s Thai Iced Coffee to our caffeine repertoire!

Before you go, check out all of Chrissy Teigen’s favorite ingredients.

Thai Iced Coffee (with Coconut Milk)

This Thai Iced Coffee comes together quickly and tastes fantastic! This recipe uses homemade sweetened condensed coconut milk made with honey or erythritol, making this drink dairy-free, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly!

  • Author: Tiffany – The Coconut Mama
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 12 ounces 1 x
  • Category: Beverages
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Gluten Free


  • 8 ounces strong brewed coffee, cooled
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 4 – 6 tablespoons sweetened condensed coconut milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)


  1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of cardamon into the sweetened condensed coconut milk.
  2. Set it aside and prepare your coffee to your liking.
  3. Pour the coffee over a cup of ice.
  4. Top the iced coffee with the sweetened condensed coconut milk and serve. If you prefer your coffee less sweet, only add a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. Add up to 6 tbs if you like your Thai coffee sweet and creamy.


Nutritional info is based on homemade sweetened condensed milk using erythritol.

Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 cup coffee with 4tbs sweetened condensed milk
  • Calories: 300
  • Fat: 27.6g
  • Carbohydrates: 8.8g Net Carbs

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Tiffany - The Coconut Mama

I’m a mama, a cook, and a lover of all things coconut! I’m passionate about natural foods and a true believer in the health benefits of coconut oil. I use coconut products in all my baking and share my tutorials and recipes on my site with the hope of helping others to live healthier lives!

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Thai Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk Recipe provided by KRUPS.

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Thai Coffee "Oleang"

Oleang preparation is a unique process and you can see particular Thai coffee street vendors in Thailand doing it so fast you'd think they can do it with eyes shut. We've prepared this visual summary based on a visit with our favorite Thai iced coffee vendor who's had the same street cart in the same Bangkok neighborhood for at least 15 years.



Method for Thai Coffee "Oleang"

Preparing Thai Coffee, What You Need (in addition to the coffee).

2. Two small saucepans or extra-wide cups with handles

3. One container full of boiling water

Step 1. Place 2 tablespoons of coffee in stainless muslin filter (filter is seen below in his left hand). Position the filter over saucepan or wide cup and pour about 10 oz boiling water through filter. Then lift the filter, let drain and quickly move filter so it's over another saucepan or wide cup.

Step 2. Pour the liquid coffee back through filter and into saucepan. Then lift the filter, let drain and quickly move filter so it's over the other saucepan or wide cup (basically repeating step 1). Pour through the filter one more time.

  1. In a stainless steel Vietnamese Coffee Filter, add 2 tablespoons of Vietnamese Coffee. Screw the smaller filter into the coffee filter.
  2. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Sweet Condensed Milk into a drinking glass. Place filter on top of the drinking glass. Pour hot water into the filter.
  3. Once hot water has filtered through, remove the filter from the glass. Stir the milk to dissolve into the coffee. Add ice with coffee and stir again.

Hot Vietnamese Coffee is made the same way but excluding the ice.

Recipe © Trung Nguyen 2007

Many people are surprised to hear that despite its small size Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing nation after Brazil and has an ideal coffee growing climate in regions like the Annam Highlands which shares its coffee producing heritage with neighboring Laos.

The Spruce Eats has a really easy Thai Iced Coffee recipe that uses just four simple ingredients to get that Thai inspired flavor. See how they do it.

Heavy cream, cardamom, strong brewed coffee is what Genius Kitchen requires to get their bold iced Thai coffee. Head here for the recipe.

Here’s all you need to make Thai Iced Coffee:

  • Good, strong, smooth coffee
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, which is basically just the yummiest combo of milk + sugar
  • Almond extract — though it’s just a teaspoon, this is an essential piece, so don’t skip it
  • A pinch of ground cardamom is optional, but provides a welcoming, aromatic essence

You can either brew strong, bold coffee and let it cool before using, or you use a great cold brew. Most of you know how exciting cold brew is, after its explosion onto the coffee scene several years ago. Cold brew is the magical slow-steep of coffee grounds in cold water that allows for a supremely smooth, rich flavor that you can’t achieve otherwise. It’s unbelievably easy to achieve at home.

Pure, creamy, smooth, rich, amazing bliss awaits your mornings [and afternoons.]

Watch the video: : Ταϊλανδέζικα κεφτεδάκια του Α (January 2022).