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Best Papas Rellenas Recipes

Best Papas Rellenas Recipes

Papas Rellenas Shopping Tips

Only buy potatoes that are firm, intact, and without any sprouts or green parts.

Papas Rellenas Cooking Tips

Potatoes oxidize quickly; have a bowl full of cold water to put your potatoes after cutting them in order stop them from oxidizing.

Papa Rellenas

1. Boil potatoes until they are fully cooked. Drain and Mash potatoes with the salt about 1 tablespoon of warm milk and let cool enough to handle.

2. Grab a handful and form into a little bowl in your hand. Place ground beef in “bowl” and cover with mashed potatoes to the size of a small baseball

3. Mix together the bread crumbs and the flour.

4. Dip the ball into the beaten egg, and then roll in the flour mixture until lightly covered. Dip the ball in the egg again and roll in the bread crumbs to coat thoroughly.

5. Refrigerate the balls for about 3 hours

6. Use a frying pan with enough oil to cover half the ball at a time. Heat oil to the frying stage (about 375º F) and drop each papa rellena into the hot oil. Let it cook for about two minutes or until golden brown. Turn the balls and cook the other half in the same way.

Directions for Avocado Sauce

Combine all the ingredients in a blender it helps the blending process if the avocados are in small chunks and the cilantro is lightly chopped. I also recommend crushing the garlic before putting it in the blender to ensure no one gets a surprise large piece of garlic. Blend until you have a smooth sauce.

How to Make Papa Rellena. Step by Step

Papa rellena is one of my favorite Peruvian dishes. It’s satisfying, bursting with flavor, and you can have it as an appetizer or entrée, hot or cold, day & night, night & day, and fill it with whatever you want. I especially enjoy the fact that a lot of die-hard meat eaters, who go by the slogan of “if I don’t have meat in a meal I feel like I haven’t eaten at all”, are so easily fooled by this dish when it’s made with soy meat. In my house they have always made the regular, with meat, and a few portions on the side for me, with soy meat. Now that it’s just me and my dad, and I’m the nutritional dictator of our kitchen, everyone eats soy, and nobody complains. It really is as good when it’s karma-free.

But I’m not trying to convert you here. You can do the exact same recipe I’m gonna share here with minced beef instead of soy. This is just the way I eat it, definitely not the way 99.9% of Peruvians do. Whichever way you make it, you will be getting the real deal as there’s hardly any difference in taste and appearance between the two. If you want the original version, just pretend that what you see in these pictures is real meat, and replace accordingly.

Papa rellena means “stuffed potato”, and it basically is mashed potato stuffed with minced beef, raisins, olives, and hard-boiled egg, and pan fried untill it’s golden on the outside. Like most creolle dishes, it’s accompanied with salsa criolla, and although it was originally created as an appetizer, in most households it’s eaten as an entrée nowadays, with white rice on the side.

In the past, the mash had lard and eggs in it, and the stuffing included parsley, chili peppers, almonds, and even peanuts. It can be made either with Peruvian yellow potatoes, or with regular white potatoes, and some people add yucca to achieve that perfectly creamy-but-structured texture. The basic recipe is very flexible, as any kind of stuffing will work well with the potatoes. Some of the favorites stuffings are chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables and cheese.

Some say its origin (supposedly the Spanish Empanada) is really Arab, because Spain was influenced by that culture for 700 years. Spanish colonizers came to the New World with Arab cooks, wives, and lovers, along with their appetizing recipes of sweets -such as rice pudding-, and savory dishes, and these women were experts at stuffing all kinds of vegetables with juicy and tasty minced meat preparations. This didn’t change when they arrived in exotic lands they just learned to stuff all the new ingredients they found, such as tomatoes, potatoes, rocotos, caiguas, etc.

This easy dish is very practical too. You can make it ahead and freeze it when it’s already fried. When you’re hungry or need a quick meal just take it out, heat it up a bit and you’re ready to go. The size is traditionally small (like in the pictures), but you can make them bigger, (even twice the size), for a very filling and succulent meal. A good potato to use for this is yukon, but any white potato that is not floury should do.

This recipe and others are available in Ricardo's cookbook, The Fire Of Peru:

For The Papas Rellenas Recipe:

Scrub, peel, and quarter or chop potatoes. Boil covered potatoes on high in salted water until tender (10-15 minutes). Drain, cool and mash. Then knead until smooth. Chill in refrigerator, preferably overnight.

- 3 whole garlic cloves chopped

- 1 whole Roma tomato diced

- 2 cups medium diced eggplant

- 1 Tbsp. aji Amarillo paste

Coat bottom of a a pan (saucepan or dutch oven) with olive oil on medium heat. Sweat with shallot, garlic, cumin, and pepper. Then add ají panca, ají Amarillo, and tomato paste and stir. Add eggplant and diced tomatoes, continuing to stir. Then add red wine, cilantro, cranberries as well as salt to taste. Allow wine to reduce and the filling to reach stew consistency. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Take 1/2 cup of potato mixture and work in hands. Flatten and place about 2 Tbsp of filling in the center. Close the potato over the filling and work in hands to make an oblong ball. Refrigerate at least 4 hours.

Fry in oil at 350°F / 177°C for about 2 1/2-3 minutes, flipping as needed.

- 3/4 cup Botija olives (Kalamata also work)

Blend olives, garlic and lime juice with olive oil as needed. Mix into mayonnaise.

How to Cook Papas Rellenas

While all Papas Rellenas are fried, the coating for each region&rsquos adaptation is the other thing that makes them unique. Colombian Papas Rellenas have a characteristic smooth golden exterior that comes from dipping the filled potato balls in a mixture of egg, milk, and flour. This creamy batter gives the potato balls a light crispness when fried and a beautiful golden color.

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Bimbo cookies are a favorite galleta made in Puerto Rico. You can grab small packs of these cookies in a variety of flavors: vanilla, chocolate, duplex (vanilla and chocolate), chocolate chip, mantecado (ice cream) and coconut. Share them with friends over a delicious cup of coffee.

Speaking of comfort food, what’s more comforting than deep fried and seasoned mashed potatoes stuffed with a delicious ground beef picadillo (traditional hash)? You can even use cooked sausage links and try these papas rellenas for breakfast.

Carne Con Papas

Our recipe today, carne con papas takes us to Cuba. Known all over the world for its beautiful beaches, its colorful capital, its cultural richness and its cigars, this northern Caribbean island also has a culinary heritage of the most varied and interesting.

Cuban cuisine

Influenced by both Creole and Spanish cuisines, Cuban cuisine has several characteristics of its own too. Starting with the ingredients. Whether it is rice, black beans, plantain, beef or pork, they all come from local farming, and they are found in several specialties in various forms.

Then, the cooking method, with a predominance of stews simmered slowly on the fire and dishes in sauce. The meal itself, finally, with this peculiarity for Cubans to bring all the dishes at the table at the same time instead of following the appetizer with the main course.

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The dish that I chose to prepare today, carne con papas, perfectly represents the specificities of Cuban cuisine.

What is carne con papas?

Directly inspired by Spanish picadillo, this delicious beef stew with potatoes is the Cuban version.

While the original picadillo uses ground meat, carne con papas contains chunks of beef. The sauce of carne con papas is also different from that of picadillo because it incorporates ingredients such as raisins, olives, peppers and even capers, in addition to the traditional base called sofrito.

What is sofrito?

Sofrito, also called refogado or estrugido in Spain is a preparation made with garlic, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olive oil, which serves as the basis for many stews originally from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Sofrito is used in dishes such as arroz con bacalao from Panama, or locrio de pica pica from the Dominican Republic.


There are a multitude of versions of the picadillo in Latin America. In Mexico, for example, the sauce often contains lime as well as honey, and fish sometimes replaces beef in some regions.

In the Dominican Republic, the recipe looks very similar to the Cuban recipe, but also includes hard-boiled eggs.

When I tasted my carne con papas for the first time, I could not help but think of a traditional Tunisian recipe from my childhood called batata bel kamoun, whose ingredients and cooking methods are almost identical.

Here is a new recipe of beef stew for you! If you liked our carbonnade, mafé or even boeuf bourguignon or pasticada, both also based on wine, then go for this carne con papas.

Best Papas Rellenas Recipes - Recipes

Jorge Castillo: We have personally taken on the task of exploring this question. We&rsquore still studying the issue carefully.

Glenn Lindgren: With the complexity of this issue, we foresee years of additional study and experimentation.

Jorge Castillo: Yes, we must suffer through years of cooking and eating Cuban appetizers in our quest.

Raúl Musibay: OK, OK -- the short answer is yes, of course, we need Cuban appetizers! When they taste this good, how can you resist?

Bruschetta Cubana

Crisp toast rounds with a delicious Cuban-themed tomato salsa.

Camarones para una boda Cubana

We made them famous! Cuban wedding shrimp!

Carne Fría

The Cuban meat roll that is perfect for parties and late-night snacking.

Croquetas de Jamón

Lightly breaded rolls with great fillings. A favorite at cafe windows all over Miami.

Croquetas de Fufú

What happens when you have a big pile of fufú sitting around YOUR house!

Croquetas de Papas y Jamón

This great version of croquetas combines the taste of ham with mashed potatoes.


Crisp, flaky wedges of pastry surround a filling of ham, beef, chicken and more!

Foccacia Cubana

This isn't a "traditional" Cuban recipe, it's still a nice appetizer for your next party!

Frituras de Malanga

Savory fried malanga root tastes great with a splash of mojo or L.A. garlic Sauce.

Huevos Cubanos

Deviled eggs as they cook them in Cuba -- a great hot appetizer.

Mariquitas de Plátanos

Buy the bag if you must, but the best plantain chips are fresh from the fryer.


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Best Papas Rellenas Recipes - Recipes

Papas Rellenas

Papa Rellenas, (Cuban fried stuffed potatoes) are inarguably one of the more classic of Cuban side dishes consisting of mashed potato dough into which a filling made of seasoned ground meat (picadillo), onions, whole olives, hard-boiled eggs, cumin, and other spices is stuffed. Portions of mashed potatoes are formed into spherical-shaped potato balls instantly dipped into an egg wash as well, and then rolled onto a cracker-meal breading, providing a sealed layer of breadcrumb coating. Typically, papa’s rellenas are stored frozen! Upon serving, we suggest preparing deep-fried (preferred) or in a small skillet using cooking oil until golden brown and crispy all-around.

Our stuffed-potato balls make perfect for snacks, appetizers, or party trays as they can be eaten either as a hand held snack, or even by using utensils. Papa’s rellenas are a local favorite in heavily populated Latino communities. They too, continue to gain popularity throughout many eateries such as restaurants and cafes as a fast food item.