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UK Pizza May Be World's Spiciest Pizza

UK Pizza May Be World's Spiciest Pizza

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A UK pizzeria reportedly serves a pizza three times spicier than the world's hottest chili

Yikes — UK pizzeria Paul's Pizza is really upping its spice factor, as the Daily Mail reports that the Saltdean Sizzler pizza might just be the spiciest in the world. Only nine challengers have been able to eat the entire pizza since last year, although 1,307 have been sold.

Accoding to creator Paul Brayshaw, the 10-inch pizza uses the ghost chili to create a chili paste, topped with chili extract to amp up the spice. Those who end up eating all six slices get a photo on the "Wall of Flame," while everyone else ends up on the "Wall of Shame."

Brayshaw has sent along a pizza to Warwick University to be tested by Guinness World Records, saying that if his pizza was over 1 million Scoville units, it would be the spiciest on record. There has yet to be a Guinness World Record for spiciest pizza, but the spiciest pepper to date is the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, at 1,463,700 Scoville units.

In any case, eating this pizza does not look pleasant, although spice enthusiasts do try. Luckily, Brayshaw keeps an eye out for wannabe spice masters, as the after effects of eating the pizza is sometimes more painful than eating it.

"We close at 10 p.m. so just before the pubs shut," Brayshaw said. "Otherwise I think we would get a lot of drunk people in here having a go without realizing just how spicy this pizza is." Smart move.

Watch one man succeed in eating the full pizza below, although he doesn't look too happy at the end.

12 of the Most Over-the-Top Pizzas

T ransforming pizza from a humble staple dish into a vehicle for outrageous toppings and mind-boggling crust styles is undoubtedly an art form.

Big chains like Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and KFC have all gotten in on the action, right alongside their mom-and-pop pizzeria counterparts. Whether it’s a fast-food concoction that incorporates a base of fried chicken, one that involves an infusion of unusual substances, or an expensive culinary stunt topped with gold foil, here’s are 12 of the most controversial, unexpected, and bizarre pizzas to grace the earth (and our taste buds).

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Wellshire Farms

Snack: These uncured pepperoni boast pork and beef raised without antibiotics, raising the all-natural, minimally-processed bar. The thickest cut of the brands tried, these meaty rounds make for a top snacking pepperoni, but tasters found the brownish "nitrate-free" color less visually appealing. The flavor descriptions ranged from "more salami-ish" to "more turkey-like." But as a less "in-your-face, I'm pepperoni" way, they are easier to eat by the slice, despite the more pronounced vinegary tang.

Cooked: On a slice of cheese pizza, the thick Wellshire pepperoni had some cupping in form, but the heat of the "hearty" and "meaty" pieces was lost in the other components of the pizza, making it "more jerky than pepperoni."

Here are seven homemade pizza recipes to brighten up your day

Classic Cheese Pizza recipe

Who doesn’t love a Classic Cheese Pizza? Imagine baking your very own and the first bite you take has an overload of cheesy goodness. Ingredients: cheese, cheese and a lot more cheese. Recipe here

Barbecue Pizza recipe

For all you chicken lovers, adding BBQ sauce and chicken (and any other kind of meat you love) elevates any pizza to a whole new level of deliciousness. Just one pizza may not be enough. Recipe here

Vegetable Pizza recipe

Capsicums, bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, olives, corn and maybe even pineapple (that’s big maybe). Customise your pizza just the way you love it with all the veggies you want. Don’t forget to top it up with a generous helping of cheese! Recipe here

Pesto Sauce Pizza recipe

Photo : Dexter McQueen / Unsplash

When you’re too bored of the same old tomato base, give your pizza this pesto twist. This sauce is just as easy to make. All you need is basil leaves, walnuts, chillies and garlic, and you’re good to go. Recipe here

No-bake Pizza recipe

Don’t have an oven? That should definitely not stop you from making your Friday night pizza. It’s quite easy to make your favourite pizza on a ‘tawa’. In simple terms, a tawa pizza. Recipe here

Chicken Tikka Pizza recipe

Can’t decide between chicken tikka and pizza for a meal? Why choose when you can get the best of both worlds with a Chicken Tikka Pizza! This one’s a combination of everything meaty and spicy that you love. Recipe here

Mushroom Pizza recipe

This white-sauce pizza is every mushroom lover’s dose of culinary paradise. Top it up with as many mushrooms as you like and enjoy! Recipe here

Top 10 Pizza Flavours

Pizza is one of the most loved and preferred fast food item in the world. Pizza is basically an Italian dish which is made of flour with various toppings. The main ingredient of any pizza is cheese. It is the most consumed food item after the burgers across the world. Pizza is definitely a tongue smacking food and a perfect food to celebrate any occasion. There are many health adverse of eating too much of pizzas but still this is one of the highest selling food item. There are numerous flavours of a pizza and every country has their own specialized flavours. Pizza flavours can be vegetarian as well as non – vegetarian. Here are the top ten flavours of Pizza, which are most loved and preferred worldwide:

1. Double Cheese Pizza

This is a very popular veg. pizza which has a double thick layer of cheese. The double cheese pizza is very popular because of the lovers of cheese in this world are many. It is indeed one of the best and tasty pizzas among the vegetarian flavours. These are plain pizzas loaded with oodles of extra cheese which makes it delicious and most lip smacking.

This is a unique flavour of vegetarian pizza where the pizza where the spicy vegetarian delight is topped with extremely appealing golden corns, loaded with extra cheese. This pizza is a unique flavour because of the additional toppings like the spread of black olives and the jalapenos. This is an amazing vegetarian recipe which is a delight to have. The Gourmet pizza is a popular flavour and is indeed one of the best.

3. Mexican Green Wave

This is another unique recipe of American pizza which mane is influenced by the Mexican Waves. Mexican Green Wave Pizza is loaded with crunchy onions, crispy capsicum, juicy tomato and jalapeno. This is a spicy flavour which is topped my liberal sprinkling of the exotic Mexican herbs. This is a very popular pizza among the veggies and is a common flavour among those who loves spice pizzas.

4. Peppy Paneer

Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asian Cuisine. It is an Indian Origin food item which is a delicious piece of cheese cube made of pure milk. This is a very popular recipe in India as the vegetarian people loves Paneer a lot. The Paneer used in this pizza are barbequed and then few pieces of Paneer is sprinkled over the pizza along with crispy capsicum slices and spicy red pepper. Its yummy taste and is really very appetizing. the Peppy Paneer pizza forms the spicy menu among the vegetarian list of pizzas.

5. Margherita Pizza

Pizza Margherita is a very common and a popular menu in the Asian countries. These pizzas are delicious and are made with single topping of Cheese. The Margherita Pizzas are medium spicy and are actually very pleasant to taste. The pizzas are preferred by the customers who like a simple pizza topping. These Pizzas has no extra toppings and are plain cheese pizzas.

6. Meatzaa Pizza

This is a non- vegetarian dish and is exclusively meant for you, if you are a hard core Non Vegetarian. This pizza is a blend of hot and spicy chicken, barbeque chicken and ham and minced meat. All this meat makes it a extravagant non veg. pizza. The Meatzaa Pizza is filled with cheese and is topped with sprinkled Onions. This is a perfect recipe for the non veg. pizzas which has all the forms of meat in the crispy fried form. Meatzaa Pizza definitely is the flavour to look for in the non veg. menu.

7. Cheese and Barbeque Chicken

The Cheese and Barbeque chicken Pizzas are the most popular among the pizza flavours. In countries like India where Ham and beef are not consumed largely, this flavour of pizza is the most popular among the consumers. The pizza is first filled with cheese and is topped with extra cheese and barbeque chicken. The barbeque chickens are made into small pieces which are sprinkled on the top of the extra cheese and are then sprinkled with some onions and green chilli. This is indeed a mouth watering pizza flavour for any non veg. pizza lover.

8. Chicken Mexican Red Wave

These pizzas are one of the most delicious spicy flavours of pizzas available. The Mexican Red Wave Pizza is a lip smacking flavour of Pizza which is made with hot and spicy chicken as the main topping. This pizza is filled with extra cheese and is topped with crunchy onions, juicy tomatoes and sizzling red peppers. This makes the pizza spicy, but it is extremely delicious. The main highlight of this pizza is the toppings of the exotic Mexican herbs which gives it a unique flavour and enhances its taste by far.

9. Cheese and Pepperoni

This is one of the most popular flavours of pizza in the world. This is Americans favourite flavour as well. The pepperoni is a spicy food, an Italian-American variety of salami (a dry sausage) usually made from cured pork and beef. These are mostly chopped ham cut in circular thin pieces and placed on the pizza to form the topping. This pizza with pepperoni is then topped with a generous load of extra cheese. Pepperoni Pizzas are popular all over the world and is really a tasty flavour of pizza. However, in country like India, the pepperoni pizzas actually have chicken slices in most outlets and it still manages to be of equal taste as with the ham.

10. Golden Chicken Delight

This is another Pizza which is made of Barbeque chicken. In this pizza, barbeque chicken forms the main toppings of the pizza. The barbeque chicken is then sprinkled with toppings of golden corn which is an absolute delight to have. This pizza is then stuffed with extra cheese and thus the menu looks like extra tacky with barbeque chicken, golden corn and extra corn. This is a very tasty flavour which can leave you with mouth watering experience.

GoreMade Pizza – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Fall is a magical time of year, for all things spicy.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s an influx of fresh pepper spiciest dish items and that’s because everyone’s gardens are continuing to crank out fresh pepper pods. GoreMade Pizza is another local spot using the fresh fruit on a new spicy dish. Like many smaller pizza shops in Columbus, GoreMade got their start making pizza with friends, which turned into a mobile wood-fired oven, which eventually turned into their brick and mortar location in Italian Village.

Locally sourced ingredients, including their spicy peppers and a solid menu that has the ability to changed based on the season. In their words, “Come in and check our ever-changing seasonal menu board or the cocktail menu for the latest seasonal discoveries!”

On this trip we were tracking down the 4 Alarm Pizza, a new dish they created with the help of some friends. Pictured below are the 4 Alarm Pizza (regular), the XXX 4 Alarm Pizza, and the Porkistopheles.

This alarming pizza is loaded up with an “olive oil base, our house sausage and blend of spicy peppers from our friends @growingandgrowthcollective, the benefactor of this year’s fundraising! The Carolina reaper tops that list as one of the world’s hottest peppers. There’s also cayenne, red jalapeno and one other we have yet to identify.” They also followed up with “if you’re an absolute spice fanatic and it just can’t be too hot, try it “XXX” for the heat you’re looking for.” Thanks to a spicy fellow on Instagram (h/t mra2311), we were alerted of this pizza’s presence and had to give it a try.

We asked GoreMade about the differences in the 4 Alarm Pizza and found there are 3 variations. 𔄜 alarm or XX adds a spicy house shake, XXX makes us try to hurt you.” The XX shake contains dehydrated peppers up to habaneros, while the XXX shake contains dehydrated Carolina Reapers, Ghost peppers, Yellow Scorpions, and any other peppers they can get their hands on. In their words, “XX adds a spicy house shake, XXX makes us try to hurt you.”

You may call this a cop-out, but we procured two half-sized “Pizza Boats” of the 4 Alarm Pizza, one regular and one as XXX. Can you guess which is which from the pictures?

Which is which? No seriously. Kidding, the right is XXX.

Quick thoughts on the regular 4 Alarm Pizza, this is an excellent opener for anyone looking to get into the spicy pizza game. The peppers on top are nice and spread out and while you have a few moments of pain, it slides into the middle of our list at a mid-30s level. Doable and the crust, sausage and sauce help hide the heat a bit.

That XXX though. The density of the peppers was slightly concerning and the raw super hot smell was noticeable as soon as the box opened. I used my laser pepper vision to examine the pizza to get a gut check of how to approach things.

When you order this pizza, it’s marked down as “Comfort Zone Harry” their base pizza that you can add onto, but really, it should be marked down as “Discomfort Zone Harry.” Picking up the first piece, I flopped a third of it into my mouth. The crust, sausage and sauce do their standard dance, with a slight heat from the sausage. As soon as I hit something crunchy, there was a wave of heat, a moment of panic, and an immediate warmth on my under eyes. Those are the peppers.

The pepper shake they mentioned is most noticeable in and around the crust. All the way through the first slice and dealing with the initial nose unclogging of the peppers, I thought I’d reached a crusty life raft, but it too had some heat nestled inside. Thankfully a majority of the seeds were missing from the diced peppers and the pithy pepper center where most of the capsaicin hangs out was also not on the pizza.

Slice two presented new territory with the first bite loaded with less spicy peppers, but bites two and three were closer to 2ࡪ to the face territory. Eating this pizza was the food equivalent of driving through a marked minefield with a Zamboni. There is no escape, and the more you check the pizza between bites to examine the landscape, the more scared you will become. As you eat this pizza, you’ll be cruising along, no big deal, and then the spice mix and the fresh peppers catch up with you. Intense momentary pain that gets washed away with the crust.

Having just recently mentally recovered from the Uncut XXX Inferno Wings from Hoggy’s GoreMade’s XXX 4 Alarm Pizza was a nice contrast of spicy pie. It’s not a full-on, every bite you take, every move you make, I’ll be hurting you dish, but it definitely delivers that back of the mouth pain. Finishing up the last piece (saved one with a lot of crust for last, work smarter, not harder), my nose was running and my cheeks were flush. I sat back and thought about where this dish ranked.

It’s an interesting dish to assess from a spiciness level. The peppers themselves are super hots and other levels of intensity, but when you reach them, the heat is quick, sharp, and gone. Unlike a lot of the other dishes on our list, the intensity isn’t consistent throughout, so there are momentary stops on the spicy train. With that in mind, we’re placing the XXX 4 Alarm Pizza at #15 on our list, just above Choripan Argentine Grill’s Homemade Habanero Sauce and right below Woody’s Wing House Diablo-Q. If you’re into fresh super hots, this is definitely a must-try. We’re also placing the regular 4 Alarm Pizza at #36, just below Bamboo Thai Kitchen’s Extra Spicy Green Curry and above Chef Rich’s Kitchen’s Crazy S.O.B. Burger.

The 4 Alarm Pizza should be available with the fresh peppers for another week or so depending on their supply, but the pepper shake should be available through winter, so just call in and order to ensure you get the right one.

You can find GoreMade Pizza at 936 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or contact us via our contact page.

Yellow Brick Pizza – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

On a delivery run this week we decided to swing by a pizza spot that we’d seen on the socials quite a bit but had never tried. With a packed menu of classic and signature pizzas, Yellow Brick Pizza has one of the more unique groupings of pies. Having made it to the Elite Eight in Pizza PANdemonium’s pizza bracket, we figured we were in for some good ‘za, but they also had a few spicy items we were itching to try out. They are playing it by ear with the re-opening of Ohio, but are definitely still doing takeout and delivery at this time. With a location in Olde Town East and off of High on King, give them a try. There are still a few Signature Pizzas like the Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder or the Spicy BBQ that we’ll need to head back for at some point, but that’s not what this post is about! How about some tater tots to get started?

Stare deep into the tot abyss, what do you see?

These are no average tater tots, they are loaded with red onion, mozzarella, bacon and I believe feta, making them the “Best” Tater Tots from Yellow Brick’s menu (the Lady of the Farm ordered them, so I’m still a bit fuzzy). I’m the kind of guy that sets up a Totcho bar for Fantasy Football drafts and I’ve never met a tater tot I didn’t like, so these were a feature from Yellow Brick that we plowed through pretty quickly. Add some hot sauce on top and you’re good to go.

Onto the Extra Hot Wings, which are a bit unique in the Columbus wing scene. While a lot of wings we’ve had are fried or smoked and grilled, these are oven-baked. We’re calling this out because it seems to be a rarity in Columbus, but works really well. The chicken is cooked perfectly, and the skin isn’t crunchy, but does have a light crispness to it. Some wings have a way of making you feel like hot garbage from the grease, but the cook on these had me working through them pretty quickly. From a heat perspective, the Extra Hot doesn’t have much going on and the Lady of the Farm was even able to eat several of these with me. The side sauce you see in the top right corner is their Dragon Sauce, which by taste and sight appears to be Frank’s RedHot mixed with blue cheese, a tasty combo, but doesn’t add much kick to the wings. Overall, solid wings, but the Extra Hot is pretty non-extra. I’d likely try their Sweet Thai Chili or Garlic Parmesan next time.

Behold, Dante’s Inferno, straight from the 3rd Layer of Hell (Gluttony). Loaded with mozzarella, jalapeño, banana pepper, sausage, green pepper, crushed red pepper and Frank’s RedHot after bake, Dante’s Inferno holds the spiciest ingredients Yellow Brick has to offer. All of it sits on a cayenne crust coated in Dante Sauce, a blend of their traditional red sauce and Frank’s RedHot. Frank’s, by the way, originates in Louisiana and is made with aged cayenne peppers as its spicy base, so from a pepper standpoint we’re dealing with a lot on this pizza with jalapeños registering from 3,000-10,000 SHU and cayenne peppers sitting in the 25,000-50,000 SHU range. Even without tasting it, this pizza rivals all other Columbus pizzas for the title of “most peppers per square inch.” Picking up a slice, I waited for Virgil to appear and lead me on my spicy journey, but it was his off day, so I was left to travel alone.

Chomping into the first slice, the Frank’s RedHot hits you right away from the drizzle on top and what lies beneath, a double-whammy of tanginess with a little bit of a kick. Warding off the spicy demons I trudged on, getting to the banana peppers, a low Scoville pepper that sits in spicy limbo waiting for the day where they can get some capsaicin. Sadly, that day will never come. Halfway through a slice, the jalapeños waltzed on in like, “whaddup, we’re pickled, so our heat is more tolerable, but we’re also tastier.” Happy to have a familiar friend along for the ride, my nose had started to tingle from the array of slightly spicy bois that gathered on this pizza. Getting ever closer to the final ring (the crust), I started to pick up on the extra layer of cayenne baked into this pie. Popping the lid to the side Dante sauce, I dipped the crust in, trying to squeeze out as much heat as I could. Finshing off the piece, my nose was taking the brunt of the heat. A few more slices in it was in full-on drip mode due to the sheer volume of mild spiciness. Falling into the river of forgetfulness, I gave both my mouth and nose a break to reflect.

While this is definitely the most pepper-laden pizza in Columbus, is it the spiciest? And where does it sit on the overall list? If you’ve been a fan of Mikey’s for long, you know that they have their Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage, so that definitely takes the cake (or pie in this case) for spiciest pizza in Columbus, but that’s only one weekend out of the year. For year-round spicy pizza, we have to say that Dante’s Inferno is the current winner of the “spiciest pizza in Columbus” title. As for where it lands on our list, we’re placing it at #35, just after the Gates of Hell (fitting) from Smokehouse Brewing and just ahead of the Extra Hot Sriracha Fried rice from Nong’s Hunan Express. From a bite or two alone, it’s not too crazy, but a couple pieces in definitely gets the nose running and the mouth feeling it a bit.

You can find Yellow Brick Pizza at 892 Oak Street Columbus, OH 43205 or in Victorian Village at 245 King Ave Columbus, OH 43201.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or contact us via our contact page.

Proving that even your favourite comfort food isn't safe from a chilli onslaught, some chefs have decided to spike the world's most popular dishes. Some are surprising, some are strange, all are seriously spicy.

These are the seven spiciest versions of your favourite foods. Consider it a warning.

The hottest food in the world needs the hottest chillies - Credit: Pixabay

1. Pizza

As any fan of pepperoni will be quick to point out, a bit of chilli can go a long way to taking your pizza to the next level. When that chilli gets cranked up to 11, however, all hell breaks loose.

Just ask Paul Brayshaw, owner of Paul’s Pizza in Brighton, England. In 2013, he created a 3.2 million SHU pie with ghost pepper paste and extract that has only been finished by eight of the 1300 people who have tried to eat it.

2. Chicken

The tingle of a well-judged hot wing is one of the best fast food feelings on earth. But, when that tingle turns into a sucker punch, chicken becomes a lot less fun.

That’s exactly what diners can expect from the Fire in Your Hole challenge at Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota Florida. Famous for downing Man vs Food eating legend Adam Richman, these ghost chilli laced chicken bits are no laughing matter.

3. Burger

Jalapenos and hot sauce can be an awesome addition to any burger. When you add ghost, habanero and serrano peppers, before lighting the whole thing literally on fire, you have some truly terrifying.

That’s exactly what the twisted minds at Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill in Washington DC do to create the Hellfire Burger - a beast that measures over 1 million SHU and comes drenched in flaming liquor.

The Hellfire Burger - Credit: YouTube

4. Taco

Mexican food is famous for its kick. That being said, no one expects a plate of tacos to be a potential death sentence.

Anyone foolish enough to take on the GenkiYaki Death Taco Challenge must sign a waiver, proving that they are over 18 and understand the risks involved. With each bite almost 50 times hotter than a jalapeno, it’s easy to see why this challenge is taken so seriously.

5. Sushi

While you might not think that raw fish can blow your head off, the Number 10 Ninja Roll challenge at Yagumo Sushi proves that no cuisine is safe from the Scoville scale.

Featuring wasabi extract as well as habanero paste, what sets this test apart is the two different types of spice that double down on anyone unlucky enough to be taking part.

6. Curry

The world is full of lethally spicy curries. Though vindaloos and Thai reds certainly pack a punch, they cannot come close to the daddy of spicy curries.

The phaal at Brick Lane curry house in New York features 13 different chillies, including some of the hottest on earth, and measures at over 1 million SHU.

7. Ice cream

Normally, turning to a bowl of ice cream after a faceful of chilli is an extremely sensible option. Not so at the Aldwych Cafe in Glasgow.

Earlier this year, the legendary ice cream parlour announced that they had created a dessert from Carolina reaper peppers, making it the spiciest sweet on the planet. Not an ideal way to wash down a curry.

When done right, spicy food can be awesome. But that doesn’t mean that heat needs to be added to absolutely everything. At the risk of ruining your favourite comfort foods forever, we recommend steering clear of anything on this list. You’ll never look at fast food the same way again.

Could you eat the hottest pizza in London?

Before I head out to attempt London’s latest eating challenge, I send a tweet: ‘Off to try London's hottest pizza @mayfairpizzaco, get the fire hose ready. ’ Emerging from on the other side of the underground I get a phone call from the pr. There’s been a fire. The pizza has claimed another victim. The pizza oven. I haven’t even touched a slice and already, I’m jinxed.

A touch of pizza oven jiggery-pokery and a few hours – and cocktails – later and I’m sat in the high ceilinged restaurant in Lancashire Court awaiting the arrival of my maker, in the form of a 12 inch pizza base covered with all manner of heat-raising hell.

My waitress places my quarry on the table and hands me a glass of milk. “You’ll need this,” she says before explaining what I’ve got in store for me. Up first, the tomato sauce base. Nothing unusual here, you might think. Well, not quite. Executive Chef Michael Lecouter is a close friend of Brick Lane’s Rib Man, revered for his ribs – and his hot sauce. Lecouter has deployed two. ‘Christ On A Bike’ laces the tomato sauce and ‘For The Love Of God’ is drizzled on top.

Both are vessels of dragon breath heat, brimming with Scotch Bonnets, Naga Vipers and Reaper peppers all of which score between 100,000–350,000 heat units on the Scoville scale – the yardstick for peppers. By comparison, jalapeños measure between 2,500 and 8,000 SHU.

Hot stuff: the pizza is laced with Scotch Bonnet peppers

Sandwiched in between these two nemeses of the taste buds are ’Nduja Italian sausage, spicy pork rib, a sprinkle of dried chilli flakes, smoked jalapeño powder and fresh scotch bonnets. Then - thank the Lord! - there are small reprieves from the nightmare which awaits in the form of white sploshes of creamy burrata cheese and a forest of refreshing rocket.

“When we tried it originally I only managed two slices, sweat was coming out of everywhere…” Lecouter says, as I take my first bite, adding that he estimates only about 10 per cent of challengers eat the whole thing. “Fair play to the people who have finished it though. Some people are chilli fiends…”

I am not. But one slice down and I’m rather surprised at the lack of heat. It’s hot for sure but it’s a smooth heat and – dare I say it – even quite enjoyable. It’s almost playful the chillis are actually rather fruity. And then I stop eating and someone’s lit a flare in my throat.

As I progress through the next few slices, I try to ensure each mouthful contains some of the cheese, but my glass of milk is half full and I’m fast running out of dairy produce. Six slices down and with a nose runnier than nine-year-old – and half a mind on my date later that night – I call it a day. I will spend the next 24 hours sniffing relentlessly and becoming acquainted with every WC in my path.

Mayfair Pizza Co. has a history of experimental dishes. First came sweet dessert pizzas and then they ventured into cocktail territory with a Bloody Mary Pizza. Is this dish just a gimmick? A slight tweak of the eating challenge?

Previous experiment: one of Mayfair Pizza Co's dessert pizzas

Yes. And no. Over the years I’ve done about ten eating challenges both here and in the US. Bar a couple of well-cooked football size burgers they’ve all had one thing in common – you wouldn’t feed them to your worse relative. Their loyalty is to the cash register, the stopwatch, the social media snap shots with plates that don’t fit in the viewfinder and eyes that speak of food-based death.

This dish’s loyalty is to flavour. Yes, the sliced Scotch Bonnets stare back at you, their teeth-like seeds grinning at your demise, but they’re there for a reason – they add a depth and freshness, along with the rocket, to balance out the darker heat from the smoked jalapeño and ’Nduja sausage. The sauces are fruity and, of course, hot, but the base is crunchy and doughy, offering a pillow of comfort beneath a bed of fire-breathing hell. The ingredients aren’t just chucked on the pizza. Everything has its place.

Watch the video: DIE SCHÄRFSTE PIZZA DER WELT ESSEN!! (May 2022).