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How to fillet a mackerel

How to fillet a mackerel

Wondering how to fillet a mackerel? Buy a whole mackerel and fillet it yourself with this easy how-to guide.


Flip over the mackerel so that it is belly up. Insert the tip of a sharp knife into the vent.


Pulling the knife up from the vent, make a shallow cut from the vent to the bottom of the head.


Gently pull apart the sides of the mackerel; pull out the internal organs and discard. Rinse inside thoroughly with cold running tap water.


Lay the mackerel flat on a cutting board and make a diagonal cut just behind the pectoral fin (the fin just behind the gill).


Place your cutting board over a damp cloth. This will keep your cutting board in place whilst you work.


Cut straight down till you hit the spine, then turn the knife towards the tail. Cut downwards towards the tail, moving your knife just above the spine, to separate the fillet.


Separate the fillet and set aside. Then flip the mackerel over and repeat with the other side.


Trim the upper edges of the fillets to remove remaining rib bones, if any.


If desired, remove the pin bones from the centre of the fillet by making two parallel cuts lengthways down the middle. Cut through the flesh but not all the way through the skin, then gently remove the pin bones by pulling them away from the skin.


Your mackerel fillets are now ready to use in your favourite recipe!

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