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Salad with mushrooms and beef - without mayonnaise

Salad with mushrooms and beef - without mayonnaise

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From the salad series a new "great and tasty achievement": D Of course I prepare as healthy as possible - without mayonnaise. If you don't say it, you don't even know that you didn't prepare it with mayonnaise. I had a craving for beef salad, but not long ago I prepared something similar. I just stocked up on the holidays and my eyes fell on the jar of mushrooms. So: with mushrooms !!!!
I did a little documentary work and found a similar, French recipe for beef salad with mushrooms. Of course he had mayonnaise. I didn't put potatoes and I soured them with pickled cucumber.

Menu proposals for Christmas

Caltabos of organ
Caltabos of meat
Bacon with salt and garlic
Smoked bacon
Bacon with paprika
Sibiu sheep cheese with tomatoes, bell peppers, green cucumbers
Beef salad
Pork jelly

Baked pork steak with mashed vegetables and potatoes
Pork sausages (peasants with minced meat with sausage)
Salad - assorted pickles


Salts with cumin and cheese

Appetizer - boiled brandy with sugar and peppercorns

House wine made this fall

# 2 mon

Let's follow the standard rules

Cold appetizer:
Fish and seafood & # 8211 caviar, cod rolls with broccoli, shrimps.
Sausages - A plate with & # 8220porks & # 8221 (drum, lebar, caltabos, meatball)
Cheese & # 8211 a plate with cheese, cheese, cucumbers and small tomatoes filled with cream cheese
Vegetable & # 8211

Hot appetizer: tongue with olives

Main course: sarmale, chop and grilled sausages, polenta, hot peppers

Dessert: cake, ice cream, a plate of various cakes, cake

For the aperitif you can choose between whiskey, tonic gin, vodka with the same kind of juice, martini
For the main course white wine, red wine or beer
For champagne dessert
Juices and mineral water

Bites - various chips, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, always on the table. For starters until everyone gathers and at the end for those who want to nibble on something else.

# 3 mon

# 4 Cassia

# 5 mon

Girls, you're done with all the 'crap' listed
Well, where does caltabos come from in Canada? I don't even know where I could buy it, let alone other dishes

Where are you in Canada? In Toronto, for example, at any Romanian or Eastern European store you can find drum, caltabos, leber, ready-made sarmale jumari or just sauerkraut, smoked bacon or not, sausages of all kinds, Romanian zacusca, Bulgarian, pickles. and just about anything. Even eugenics
Now, our problem here is that we would like to do all the "shit" ourselves, at least once in our lives.

In Toronto I know about 5 Romanian and Eastern European stores. If you're here, tell me and I'll give you the addresses

# 6 Cassia

# 7 mon

# 8 she darts

Stuffed mushrooms
Cheese roll
Chicken rolls
Beef salad

Beef soup with noodles and drizzle with sour cream
Sarmale in beef leaves
Stuffed chicken

Buturuga cake
Cake with ness
Cake with poppy seeds

# 9 tuti_suhan

Easter? But this is served at Easter.

Okay, no problem if you like to serve it on Christmas or whenever you want.

# 10 Austiaca2

Hot appetizer: tongue with olives

Do you have a recipe, Mon? I am simply language after language! No, like I was playing with words again. It's good that my tongue didn't get tangled in my mouth.
Sooo..can you help me with the olive tongue recipe? I would be very indebted to you.

# 11 Cynthia-Olivia Ursu

1 tongue about 1 kg
3 l apa
2 onions
1 patrol
10 peppercorns
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons oil
2 onions
1 teaspoon flour
2 tablespoons broth
1 glass of wine
200g olives

Wash your tongue in several waters, rubbing it with a little corn to remove all the dirt between the pores. Remove the throat and keep the tongue in cold water for at least an hour before it is ready. Put it to boil in a pot with cold water. When it starts to boil, take the foam, add the vegetables, bay leaf, salt, pepper, cover and simmer for three hours (veal tongue and pork tongue boil faster).
It cleans the skin hot, starting from the top, pulling and helping us with a small knife. Cut into slices and place in the pan. Fry a finely chopped onion in oil. When the onion has started to turn yellow, add flour. Extinguish with a cup of the juice in which he boiled the tongue, make a suitable thick sauce, add the broth, pour over the tongue and let it boil for another 10 minutes on low heat. And to the last boils add the olives washed and boiled for five minutes in water. SERVE COLD.

# 12 Guest_Anonymous_ *

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To make the beef tongue tastier, I add to the vegetables and spices mentioned above 2-3 carrots, 1/2 celery root - suitable for the sea, 4 berries and 1 tablespoon of Vegeta. Boiled and cleaned tongue cut into cubes

2X2 cm after it has cooled and mix it with mayonnaise. I put it on a serving platter and garnish it with olives and donuts in vinegar. Sometimes I give up donuts in vinegar (they are hard to find through NO) and use diced pineapple with mayonnaise. Serve cold with slices of toast.
Good appetite!

# 13 Mari-Ana

Girls, you're done with all the 'crap' listed
Well, where does caltabos come from in Canada? I don't even know where I could buy it, let alone other dishes